What are the most popular ED tablets in 2021?

What are the most popular ED Tablets in 2021

What are the most popular ED tablets in 2021?

The demand for erectile dysfunction pills has skyrocketed in the last few years. This is because the number of men suffering from sexual disorders is increasing at a very fast pace and as the awareness about sexual health is increasing in our society, more and more men are speaking up about their sexual problems. Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and loss of sexual desire are some of the most common sexual disorders that have been troubling men of all age groups.

Before we talk about the available medications and treatment approaches for tackling this problem, we should have a quick look at its causes. Everyone will agree that even minor changes in our lifestyle can make big impacts on our physiological and mental health. This is where the problem lies, in this modern era it has become a luxury to have a stress-free and healthy lifestyle. Our days are full of project deadlines, monthly dues, and long hours of sitting on a desk job. Also, maintaining a healthy diet has become difficult, and fatty fast food has taken over healthy meals. This has made us more prone to cardiovascular disorders like arteriosclerosis which is a cause of erectile dysfunction in men.

Thanks to the pharmacists that have spent uncountable hours in developing effective and convenient medications for the treatment of these sexual disorders. Today, there are numerous medicines available in the market that claims to treat ED. it all started with the introduction of Viagra, it became an instant hit and since then its popularity has increased multiple folds. It was a very effective and trustable medicine that had minimal side effects on the human body. The only problem related to the use of Viagra is the price of the treatment. Viagra is a branded drug and it is priced at a very higher price point and using it can prove to be very heavy on your pocket.  Also, most of the medical insurance companies restrict the monthly limit of medicine to 4 or 5 doses and after that, it can be very expensive for you to buy this medicine. This has given rise to the popularity of generic ED medicines like cenforce and vidalista because they are available at a more affordable price point.

ED tablets are very fast-acting medications that start to show their effects in about 30 minutes to 1 hour. This means that if you want to take one of these, a minimum gap of 30 minutes must be maintained between the dose and sexual activity. The effects of these pills on the erection process can stay for about 4 hours. It is a wide enough time frame for a man to fulfill his and his partner’s sexual desires. Some of the most popular ED tablets in 2021 are mentioned below


It is a very effective medicine that is used to treat men with ED. it contains the same active ingredient that is present in the branded counterpart Viagra. They both have the same efficacy and mode of action inside the human body. However, the price of cenforce is relatively less which helps in making sure that ED treatment will not burn holes in your pocket. Cenforce contains a very potent drug called sildenafil citrate that belongs to the category of PDE type 5 inhibitor. This medicine is available in many strengths like Cenforce 150 and cenforce 200 but if you are a person who has never taken any ED medication, you should take lower strengths like cenforce 50 and if the problem is still not resolved you may increase the strength gradually.


This Fildena 100 is similar to cenforce, the only difference is in the name of the two products. Other than that, they have the same efficacy and action in the body. If you find yourself in a situation in which you have to choose between the two, the deciding factors can be cost and availability in your region. Both the medicines are manufactured in India and their safety is tested and proven internationally.


This medicine has an edge over other ED medications in the field of dosage flexibility and thus it is preferred in cases where the user has a very tight schedule. It contains a very potent PDE type 5 inhibitor drug called tadalafil. The plus point of this drug is that it can remain valid for about 36 hours inside the human body and the effects on the election process will start only under the influence of sexual stimulus. This means that the user can take the medicine one day before the planned intercourse without worrying about unwanted erections in public spaces or voiding the validity of the drug. Vidalista is also available in various strengths like Vidalista 20 and vidalista 40. This helps in ensuring that there is always a product available that meets your ideal requirements. The ideal dose for a man can depend on factors like his age, weight, and severity of the problem.

The use of generic ED treatment pills is becoming more and more popular and this is because people are becoming aware of the concept of generic drugs and why they are available at lower prices. The manufacturers of these products save a lot of money in marketing and R&D of these medicines and this benefit is passed on to you in the form of a more affordable product. Regardless of their price, they are equally efficacious and safe medicines. ED treatment pills like cenforce, vidalista, and fildena have proved to be a boon for men suffering from ED.

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