How to overcome sexual performance anxiety?

How to overcome sexual performance anxiety?

How to overcome sexual performance anxiety?

How to Deal With Sexual Performance Anxiety?

Here are the tips that can help people to deal with performance anxiety and ED, and help them have positive sexual experiences.

Sexual Performance Anxiety Medication:

Erectile Dysfunction medication like Fildena 100 MG, Cenforce 100 MG & Vidalista 20 MG can be used as a sexual performance anxiety treatment. If you are already taking medication, please discuss it with your doctor first.

Don’t Get Stuck in The Loop :

We need to understand that having a disappointing sexual experience from time to time is completely fine and should not be a matter of concern unless occurring frequently.

However, men already having performance anxiety may overthink about it leading to a greater chance of having more performance anxiety and in some cases even erectile dysfunction.

It is very important for men to understand that what they are overthinking about is a perfectly normal situation while overthinking can make it worse. That is why Instead of worrying about it, one should let it go and keep himself calm. Which will automatically enhance the performance you are anxious about.

How Does Exercise Help to Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety?

Some researchers have pointed out that  doing little or no physical exercise may lead to erectile dysfunction or ED symptoms. So to keep your sexual life healthy, one needs to do 20 to 30-minute exercise a few times every week.

Apart from doing the usual exercise, other exercises such as; Pelvic exercises, Kegel exercises, may improve the pumping of blood to the penis during an erection.

Talk to Your Doctor

Many chronic physiological problems can increase sexual dysfunction, leading to an increase in sexual performance anxiety. Such as arthritis, cancer, and diabetes. Sometimes the person taking antidepressants also shows symptoms of the same issue.

Explore Sex in Different Ways With Your Partner

Sex in Different Ways With Your Partner

Sensate focus is one of the techniques which help couples feel more comfortable with reducing their communication gap and improving their sensuality just by touching one another. These sessions help the couple to remove sexual inhabitations, so you can be completely stress-free.

This technique was developed by sex therapists, William Masters and Virginia Johnson Masters, in the 1960s. Sensate focus is completely focused on the power of touch. During these sessions, the couple touches and caresses each other, while focusing on their sensations. In these sessions, you and your partner are not allowed to have an orgasm or an erection. Genital and breast touching is also forbidden.

After the sessions, the couple is made to sit down and talk about their experiences. Usually, the exercises are performed by the couple in the comfort of their homes in their own ambiance. You can learn more about it in Helen Singer Kaplan’s book.

Learn Be Mindful While Having Sex

During sex, it’s normal to try to read your partner’s mind, so that you could understand what they like and what they don’t. But worrying about it may lead to a negative direction. That Is where Mindfulness can help you, as it keeps you aware of the present and manages negative emotions.

Notice the signals you get from your body as information and just listen to them rather than suppressing.

Make Sex a Regular Conversation

Talking openly about sex can help to work through your anxiety. As you open up about things you like and don’t like and try to know about your partner as well. It helps to increase intimacy and bring you closer to your partner.

Talk About Shame and Things You Are embarrassed about

There are cases when one of the partners is embarrassed about his or her appearance or n number of things. To reduce the issue of shame first we need to own it and then talk about it. We need to support to our partner as well. Believe us you can share it and still will be accepted and loved.


We understand that performance anxiety can cause both embarrassment and frustration. But the good part is, it is not something that can’t be treated. Because in most the cases sexual anxiety is something that can be treated mentally and won’t even need medication.

Techniques such as Guided imagery and sensate focus exercises can help you to deal with your performance anxiety behind you, so you can resume a healthy and happy sex life.

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