How Long Would Fildena Last?

How long would Fildena last

How Long Would Fildena Last?

Fildena is the generic medication used to treat erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is the sexual disease defined as the incapability of having and maintaining the healthy erection while having sex. The disease is only found in adult men. Curing this disease is very important as this affects the men in various ways.

The various manner it affects are like the mental instability, depression, sexual dissatisfaction, possibility of sexual relation break down. In short the man breaks down in every possible manner after knowing that he is suffering from the sexual disorder known as erectile dysfunction.

Fildena is the soul saver of the people who wants to cure erectile dysfunction so that they can have the satisfaction and the pleasure both at a same time while having sex. To cure this, on a priority basis, the support of the loved one is the must.

Without that the person might become insane and can take the most negative steps in life each one cannot expect or think about. Secondly, he needs to be patient during the moment of knowing that he suffers from impotence.

Thirdly, this is to know that Fildena medications only works when the person is sexually aroused by his partner via some foreplay.

How Does This Medication Work?

Any medication which helps curing erectile dysfunction only by boosting the flow of blood in the penile region. It must be noted that Fildena does not cure erectile dysfunction permanently. It is a temporary cure. The active ingredient in it is Sildenafil and it helps relax the blood vessels to allow the blood to flow through it in an accurate way and amount.

The Consumption

The Consumption of Fildena is simple. The user needs to swallow the pill directly with water and as a whole. It must not be chewed, broken or smashed. Replacing the water with other ingredients might lead to the danger to the person’s health and physical body. The pills must be taken empty stomach because ingesting it after food results into the slow working of the pills.

The person must take the pills at least before 30-60 minutes of the planned sex. It takes about 30-45 minutes to initiate its working and gives the control to the user for how long the erection can be. The overdose can show the serious side effects wherein a person can get a heart stroke too. The fluctuation of blood pressure is another symptom which makes the situation worse.

Some Common Side Effects of Fildena

In the similar way, there are many other symptoms and side effects seen after the doses of erectile dysfunction.

  • A lot tearing of year’s eye
  • Difficult pee
  • Priapism
  • Affectability to light
  • Visual aggravations
  • Consuming, deadness, prickling in your feet and arms
  • Grisly and cloudy pee
  • Unsteadiness
  • Restlessness
  • Heartburn
  • Nosebleed

Knowing these side effects before ingestion of the medication is a must as when it happens, they must know what to act and how to act to cure those reactions.


There is a huge availability of the various doses in the market.

Some of these doses are as follows:

The doses vary between people to person. It totally depends on one’s immunity to acceptance. The body of users must accept the changes the male body needs and does. It is suggested to start initially with the slowest dose available in the market so that the user can know whether he can move to the higher doses quickly and effectively as it should not show any side effects and it is seen, you must decline the doses to take.

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